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Eleven more reasons to play Fortnite.

Since the beginning of Fortnite season nine, fans have been spotting hints to Netflix’s popular show Stranger Things in-game, the most intriguing of which being multiple glowing portals.

The only area they’ve been found in so far is the Mega Mall, along with a few other nods to the show, like the addition of the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor.

Reddit user TAK_Blitz had found six of the mysterious portals as of yesterday, and more are supposedly cropping up.

In the video below you can get an idea of the portals in action, and while nothing sinister comes out of them (yet), they do allow you to teleport to another portal somewhere in the mall.

While Epic haven’t revealed any specifics about the event, the crossover was announced yesterday ahead of Stranger Things season three’s release today.

We don’t know fully what the crossover will entail just yet, but going from Fortnite’s other crossover events there’ll likely be at least a few cosmetics and maybe even some more drastic changes to the map to reflect the goings on in the Netflix series.

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