Prime Day Sucks: 8 better things to buy

It is Prime Day, Amazon’s most infamous day of the year, where they greatly enhance the suffering of their warehouse employees, whilst convincing consumers that they definitely, absolutely, need to buy all of the stock that doesn’t get sold on any normal day.

Ah yes, my old friend capitalism, we meet again. Personally, I’m all for having semi-useless products being sold to me at bargain prices, I really am, but Amazon doesn’t treat their workers amazingly even on slow days, and on Prime Day? Yikes.

For real, level with me, no messing around: have your head about Amazon forcing warehouse workers to pee in bottles? Forgive me for thinking that is some inhumane nonsense, but yeah, I don’t think you should support them on a day like today.

So let’s say capitalism has you by the gonads, and despite your well-meaning intentions, you are desperate to invest money in something, anything, in order to feel alive. No worries. I’ve got you covered.

I have scoured the internet for video game deals you can invest in without having to go near Amazon. Whether you want to play games on Nintendo Switch, Android, or iOS, we have games here that you can buy hella cheap and have hella fun, all without tacitly endorsing human rights abuses. It really is a win-win.

Oh and can someone make Bezos pay his damn taxes, I need a functioning NHS for the love of God.

Sorry, I think I went off track somewhere. What was I talking about? Capitalism? Human rights abuses? Tax dodging rich people?

Oh right, video games. Yeah, just purchase some video games and play them. Here are some ridiculous video game bargains you can bash out on a train or sit at home, all while feeling like you’ve stuck it to Bezos and planet-engulfing monopoly. Oh, monopoly is a good start, actually.


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