Project Sakura Wars DLC Will Include Costumes and BGM from Past Games, Season Pass Details

Project Sakura Wars has multiple DLC costumes and accessories coming.

Sega held the final stream before Project Sakura Wars‘ release in Japan, and most notably fully revealed all of the game’s DLCs. While swimsuit DLCs costumes were already teased in a previous stream, we now saw a video showcasing everything. Here’s a list of all the Project Sakura Wars DLC:

  • The Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 costumes and BGM will launch alongside the game in Japan on December 12.
  • The Sakura Taisen 3 and 5 costumes and BGM, and the glasses accessories are coming on December 19.
  • The pajama costumes and angel themed accessories are coming on January 9.
  • The theater costumes and dog tail themed accessories are coming on January 16.
  • The swimsuit costumes and cat ears accessories are coming on January 23.

The costume and BGM sets are priced at 900 Yen without tax. Accessories sets are at 300 Yen without tax. A Season Pass launching on December 12 was also announced, in order to get all the DLCson their respective release dates for 4000 Yen, tax excluded.

Producer Tanaka mentioned each accessory has its own gimmicks, like the characters’ tails moving more or less rapidly depending on their mood. You can also pick black or white for the cat ears.

Dynamic PS4 themes for each of the Combat Revues in the game were also announced. They’re at 224 Yen (tax excluded) each.

Some grumpy old fans could say the fact that Project Sakura Wars announced DLCs right before release proves again how different it is from the series. While I don’t think DLCs are ultimately a good thing, I personally disagree. Technically speaking, paid DLCs already existed on Dreamcast, and I’m pretty sure Sega would have released costumes like that in the past if it was as easy and democratized as now. I’m not a huge fan of paid DLC costumes, but that’s life, and it’s not gonna disappear as they’re popular. Moreover, certain smaller companies like Falcom definitely need DLC money. It’s still sad that nowadays announcing DLCs before release is the norm though. In any case, I’m still as excited as ever for Sakura Taisen‘s return.

Besides Project Sakura Wars DLC information, more tidbits were shared during the stream, we’ll cover them soon in a separate article.

Project Sakura Wars, named Shin Sakura Taisen in Japan, will be out in a few hours in the archipel. We’ll publish soon a gameplay video with us playing through and live translating the first hours of the game. Meanwhile, you can check our playthrough of the demo.

Project Sakura Wars launches in Spring 2020 in the west. You can read more about Project Sakura Wars with our previous coverage:

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