Project Sakura Wars Launches This December in Japan; New Characters Revealed

Project Sakura Wars Director Tetsu Katano revealed new characters and many new details on stream.

Sega held the second “Sakura Taisen Imperial Communication Department’s Broadcast” on July 25. Most notably, the battle system was revealed, and the Japanese release date was revealed with a new trailer, found below. Project Sakura Wars launches on December 12 in Japan, exclusively on PS4.

The trailer shows new story elements along with some battle gameplay.  The game’s main characters are also featured, including the new characters from the Shangai Assault Force revealed during the stream. We also got to see multiple new gameplay videos, which are listed below.

First, we got to see a new gameplay video for two of the main characters, Anastasia and Azami. Hatsuho and Sakura are in awe in front of Anastasia’s acting, while we learned Azami is a skilled but naive kunoichi. Director Tetsu Katano noted how weird it is for Anastasia, a worldwide star, to be transferred to the currently decrepit imperial Theater, hinting it’ll be an important story element.

Next, we got to hear Sakura Amamiya’s Character Song, sung by her seiyuu Ayane Sakura. The song is titled “Otome nandesuyo”.

This post is still developing. A full summary of everything that was revealed on stream, along with timestamps for each gameplay sequence, and a translation for the new characters’ profiles, will be added in an update in the next few minutes.

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