PS5 Event is Said to Occur This Week on June 11 via Leaked Ad

Sony’s PS5 event which is set to show more games that are coming to the next-gen platform will seemingly take place later this week.

After originally being planned to take place last week, Sony delayed its PS5 event to an indefinite date and time to “allow more important voices to be heard.” Now, a week later, it seems as though Sony is set to soon announce a new date and time for this highly-anticipated stream and it’s set to transpire in only a few days.

Seen via a leaked ad that appeared on Twitch, Sony’s new date for this PS5 conference is seemingly set occur on Thursday, June 11. The stream will kick off at 4:00pm EST/1:00pm PST, which was when the original event was supposed to air. All in all, this is essentially just a push back of one full week exactly compared to when the event was first planned to take place.

Obviously, keep in mind that this date and time hasn’t been confirmed by Sony just yet, but assuming that this new banner image for the PS5 event is legitimate, then this is almost positively real. Prior to the delay of the previous event, Sony was also pushing out ads on TV and Twitch in this same manner, which means the fact that new ads for the conference would appear in these same locations is reasonable.

We’ll keep you in the loop with whether or not this story if confirmed by Sony here in the future. If the date and time for this PS5 event are indeed real, you’d imagine that we’ll be hearing from them quite soon.

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