Rage 2’s First Major Expansion Rise of the Ghosts Comes September 26

Avalanche Studio has finally revealed the release date for their first expansion for post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2.

Rage 2‘s first major expansion was showcased back at Bethesda’s E3 conference. The team promised tons of new content for the post-apocalyptic shooter. Today, the expansion’s release date was finally announced via the game’s Twitter page. Check it out below.

Rise of the Ghosts will see an “old threat” return to the wasteland.  A group of bandits known as the Ghosts has reappeared and wants to take over. For years, people thought the Ghosts had all been killed off after the Authority Wars. However, they instead followed a mysterious woman named Iris to Overgrown City.  While there, they were subjected to several experiments which have given them powerful nanotrite abilities. As the game’s protagonist Walker, you will go into the massive, new Overgrown City and try to put a stop to the Ghosts impending uprising.

Helping you in your fight are several new additions to the game. You’ll have access to a brand new ability, Void, which lets you target enemies and “suspend them in the air ragdoll-style.” There is also a new Feltrite Laser Launcher and a new vehicle, the Ghost Motorcycle. If you decide to upgrade to the digital deluxe version, you’ll get the DOOM BFG, new Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes, and much more.

Rage 2 may have been met with middling reviews upon release, but it’s great to see Avalanche Studios supporting the game regardless. Hopefully, as they continue adding more to the game, the overall package will become much more attractive for consumers.

Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts will be out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 26.

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