Rainbow Six Siege Operator Switch Hack is Seemingly a Thing Now

If you thought wallhacking and aimbot were bad, just wait till you see this Rainbow Six Siege Operator switch hack from R6 player Lakii.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s community has seen its fair share of hacks since Ubisoft released it back in 2015. However, this one goes beyond the typical aimbot or wallhack you may have fallen victim to. Apparently, a Rainbow Six Siege operator switch hack is a thing, allowing the opposing team to switch your operator after it has been chosen.

This comes from a Twitter post from Croatian Rainbow Six Siege player Lakii. As seen in the video, Lakii initially picks Caveria. At the Ready screen, a user by the name of “LOLXDFUNNYMEME” gets in chat and simply says, “wait,” to the Croatian player. Lakii responds by saying, “what.” Right after the response, the screen fades and Lakii’s operator changes to Bandit. LOLXDFUNNYMEME then ends the conversation by saying, “you play bandit now.”

Lakii had another encounter with the same player in Ranked and asked, “what skin am i getting.” The player responded, “dev,” giving Lakii the dev skin. So, in addition to changing your operator on the fly, they can also change your weapon skins. Unfortunately for Lakii, they did not get to keep the skin.

Ubisoft Support was mentioned in the tweet and did respond. According to the tweet, they have sent the footage to their securities team to review it and asked Lakii to contact them if they have any more encounters with the player.

As of now, the Rainbow Six Siege operator switch hack does not seem to be a common issue. Any form of cheating or toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege is shut down pretty quickly. Toxic players and cheaters have received bans for behavior such as this. More recently, the team dedicated to bringing anti-toxicity measures to the game have implemented a reverse team kill feature that damages the team killer after the first team kill.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s newest batch of operators has been released in the form of Amaru and Goyo. You can check out our preview to see what we thought of the newest season of content for Ubisoft’s tactical first-person shooter.

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