Reality Clash, the hit blockchain-based AR shooter, unveils its 12-month roadmap

Reality Clash is one of the most ambitious AR games around, marrying intense cover-based combat with exploration elements and blockchain-based weapon collecting. After launching back in April, the game’s developer is now ready to unveil its 12-month roadmap, which includes new ways to play, impressive weapon creation options, and even a game mode where you get to become the one and only Jason Bourne.

If you’re yet to take it for a spin, Reality Clash is an action-packed shooter that sees you fighting friends and bots in full AR combat. It’s intense and far more ambitious than your typical AR title. Much like Pokemon GO or Ingress before it, you’ll spend a lot of your time navigating a 3D map of your surroundings. There are special areas to defend, resources to mine, and unique guns to collect and customise.

The game’s cover-based combat demands that you think and move tactically. Some of the weapons on offer include shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and even a flamethrower. You’ll be able to buy these weapons which double as limited-edition collectables, tokenized on the popular Ethereum blockchain. Perhaps somewhat like rare CryptoKitties, these weapons could also be seen as miniature investments.

The game has gone from strength to strength since launching back in April, adding exciting new gameplay modes and a wealth of fresh items to earn. For example, weapons purchased using the game’s online store can now be downloaded and used in combat or sold through its trading platform for real money. On top of a host of quality of life improvements, the character customisation options have also been greatly improved.

Looking to the future, you can soon expect to see base building, large scale tournaments where you can place a bounty on another player’s head or become a bounty hunter yourself, battle royale and capture the flag modes. and a weapon creation platform that allows you to build and sell your very own in-game guns.

One thing that interests me is the prospect of non-violent modes, like the upcoming graffiti games, puzzles, and trivia. By using AR graffiti, you’ll be able to tag areas around your town or city. It’s a neat idea that mixes things up a bit and gives everyone a break from the adrenaline-fuelled shooting. 

Also coming soon is the ability to transfer your weapons into entirely different games, including a tower defence game that allows you to use your best gear to defend a high-priority location, a sniper practice game, and – the big one – Reality Clash: The Hunted, in which you become Jason Bourne (no joke) and are hunted for 24 hours by other players.

Now seems like the perfect time to get involved if you haven’t already. Reality Clash is available for download over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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