Rebel Cops is a Turn Based, Stealth Focused Spin-Off of This is the Police

This is the Police spin-off Rebel Cops focuses solely on turn based combat and comes to all platforms on September 17.

Over the past few years, Weappy Studio and THQ Nordic have established This is the Police as a solid franchise that focused on police management. The second game brought stealthy turn based combat into the mix, and the aforementioned pair revealed today that a spin-off focused solely on that is coming soon. Titled Rebel Cops, the game is releasing for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 17.

As the game’s title suggests, Rebel Cops follows a group of cops that decide to go rogue and take their town back after a criminal mastermind named Viktor Zuev takes over the town of Ripton. To spice each playthrough up, Rebel Cops features has a system that allows players to decide whether they want to be ruthless or be good and help the townsfolk no matter what their mission is. The developers say that the story will last about 15 hours and that it will only cost $9.99.

On the gameplay side of things, Weappy set out to make Rebel Cops stand out by making it a tough experience that requires stealth in order to be successful. The game doesn’t even feature health bars, which means both the player’s cops and opponents will die if nobody interferes quickly. Missions will vary in size, as some will be small and straightforward while others will take place on large maps. There will also be unspecified rewards for fully exploring maps and participating in side missions.

If you liked the turn based portions of This is the Police 2, or thought they would be better off in their own game like me, Rebel Cops may be up your alley. September 17 is less than two weeks away, so you don’t even have to wait that long to try the Nintendo PC, PS4, or Xbox One version of Rebel Cops.

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