Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Gets an August Release Date in Latest Trailer

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a semi-prequel to space trucking sim Rebel Galaxy. The game expands on just about everything the original game had and takes a much more cockpit-oriented focus to flight. Today, it was revealed that you only need to wait until next month to embrace your inner intergalactic space trucker. Watch the breaking news below.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw puts you in the shoes of Juno Markev. She was a former smuggler who had settled down after meeting her husband. Unfortunately, her loved one was murdered on a shipping run and now she’s gone back into her old outlaw life to track down the man who did it.

You begin with a junker of a space ship but will quickly upgrade as you complete various jobs around the galaxy. The number of options you’ll have to build your ship is dizzying, meaning your only limit seems to be your imagination. Want to build a massive tank of a transport ship to protect a giant haul? What about an agile speed machine that lets you dart in-and-out of orbit? All of that and more is possible.

Outlaw brings a more simplistic tilt to space flight and combat. Every ship has an autopursuit mechanic which keeps you pointed at whatever you’re aiming at. This takes away quite a bit of control that space flight junkies love, but makes the game much more playable for everyone without a HOTAS. That said, if you want to turn off the assists, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to PC (via the Epic Game Store) on August 13. The game will come to PS4 and Nintendo Switch later.


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