Red Dead Online Debuts Specialist Roles in New Frontier Pursuits Trailer

Red Dead Online gets specialist roles in next week’s Frontier Pursuits update. Players can take on the role of bounty hunter, trader, or collector.

Red Dead Online has slowly been adding content to its online world in hopes of building an experience to rival Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar’s other online behemoth. The newest addition to the game mode takes the form of Specialist Roles that give players new ways to interact with the world. Players can choose to be Bounty Hunters, Traders, or Collectors in the Frontier Pursuits update. Give the trailer a watch below for a quick summary of what’s coming.

At the very least, this update should give Red Dead Online players quite a bit to do. Whether you’re hunting down dangerous criminals, building up a bartering empire, or scouring the wilds for lost treasure there looks to be tons of options for having a good time. Each path gives you access to new stories, items, and weapons as you work your way through them. The Collector path, in particular, looks like a blast if only because it lets you embrace your inner treasure hunter.

Coming with the Specialists Roles are a few new clubs for you to join. The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. club gives you access to several new outfits and items as you work your way through the ranks. Players can also get access to the Outlaw Pass, though it will cost you 35 gold bars. This club gives you even more items and ranks to work through. The two clubs will only be open for a short time though, so interested parties will want to jump in as soon as possible.

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits will launch on September 10 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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