Red Dead Online Players Uncover a Strangely Beautiful World Beyond the Map

A group of players highlight their adventure when they push past Red Dead Online’s boundaries and discover another world

Many gamers love nothing more than to test the boundaries in the games they play. Usually, when we explore outside of our map area, there’s not a huge amount to see if we can even get that far, but a group of Australian game devs who go by the name of The Grannies, managed to push past the boundaries of the open-world western area in Red Dead Online by exploiting a known glitch, and discovered a boundless world on the other side.

The group of players had their work cut out for them though to try and squeeze past Red Dead’s physics which involved finding an extremely precise spot on a cliff then drawing your weapon and pushing up against it which took the group hours to masters until they finally broke on through to the other side. With the game’s engine not enjoying this invasion in the slightest, it kept throwing the players backward until finally, someone slipped through allowing them then to lasso the other three members in through the gap. Sounds like a whole hell of a lot of work to me.

Once through, the world that laid in front of the players was a vast barren desert that seemed limitless, almost encapsulated in some strange Westworld mockup and oddly, more Wild West than the actual game. Make sure to check out the pictures, videos, and GIFs that capture the group’s adventure below taken from Kalonica‘s Twitter – it makes for one interesting story, that’s for sure.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One and if you enjoy the original music from the game, you can now listen to the soundtrack on streaming platforms.

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