Reed Remastered is available for iOS tomorrow, a year and a half after the original was released

Reed Remastered is a genuine curiosity. The original Reed was launched only last year in March and it even got a sequel later in December as well. It might be in with a shout for the fastest ‘remaster’ record. Regardless, it’ll be available for iOS tomorrow or 9th October.

The remaster of the punishing platformer will have new music, revamped graphics and new secrets to discover. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the two different versions of the Binding of Isaac that exist, where the remake is the developer’s true vision for the game. Though most likely not as in-depth as the BoI.

As you can see from the trailer below, even though the graphics don’t look totally different, there’s definitely more flamboyance in the animations in the remastered version. Picking up the cube that unlocks the level exit is animated much more lavishly when you pick it up compared to the first release.

It’s more likely that you’ll be interested in the new music and secrets to discover though if you’ve completed the first game already. We reviewed it when it came out last year and found it to be a pretty excellent game, so the same game with extra content is rarely a bad thing.

Particularly since it’ll be a cheaper game that the original. The first Reed is currently available in the App Store for £1.99/$1.99 whereas the remastered version that launches tomorrow will cost £0.99/$0.99. This means that if you’ve never played Reed before you’ll be able to pick up the newer version for less and get more content for your cash, assuming it runs as well as the original.

Reed Remastered will be available tomorrow – 9th October – on the App Store. It’s a premium title that’ll cost £0.99/$0.99.

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