Reigns is being turned into a tabletop game

Reigns, the medieval monarch simulator controlled like Tinder, is being turned into a tabletop game.

Rechristened as Reigns: The Council, this version will launch in the “imminent” future and transform the fast-paced ruling simulator into an asymmetric party game for three to six players.

Just as in the original Reigns, one player will act as monarch and decide which suggestions from their council they will support – and which ones they will turn down.

The game ends, as ever, if your decisions cause one of society’s four pillars to either become overly powerful or overly weak.

When your monarch dies, control of the kingdom then passes to the next player.

It’s being designed by Bruno Faidutti (maker of hidden role games Citadels, Mascarade) and Herve Marly (who designed the card-flipping Skull) in their first collaboration – which seems like a good fit. Johnny, one for you.

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