Remedy Entertainment Discusses Having a Female Protagonist in Control

In a new interview, Remedy Entertainment discusses having a female protagonist in Control.

In a new interview with OnlySP, Control‘s narrative designer Brooke Maggs discusses having a female protagonist in the game.

“I love that Jesse is the active female protagonist but she’s also not the only woman in the world,” says Maggs. “I think sometimes we play games and we’re like ‘this is great, there’s a main female character’ and then the world around her is largely male; whereas Jesse has Emily Pope to talk to and Helen Marshall, we even met another character, [Dr.] Underhill in the research sector who is very much doing her own thing quite confidently. It’s cool to see there’s more than one woman in the Bureau. Also, the Oldest House and the Bureau of Control, we’ve made quite clear, have largely been operated by men for a very long time.”

Also in the interview, Maggs comments on the upcoming DLC and says it’ll tie up some loose ends from the ending. Additionally, she says it won’t end on a full-on cliffhanger and she mentions the game will have two expansions. It’s unclear what the stories will be in the expansions.

“The point of Jesse being a woman, being from the outside -right from her costume, to how she approaches the unexplained- is contradictory to the Bureau,” continues Maggs. “Everyone is in business wear, and Jesse is in a leather jacket and jeans, and coming in and shaking things up. So that’s a cool feminist sensibility that underlies that as well that I really encouraged.”

Control is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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