Rest in Pieces, Itatake's 3D boss runner, receives an update that adds new figurines and a giant spider nightmare to face

Itatakes swinging 3D runner Rest in Pieces has been updated to add a new nightmare just in time for Halloween. The latest grotesque bad dream you’ll have to face is a giant spider called Aralob. The update is available now and it’s appropriately hideous.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rest in Pieces it’s a 3D runner – or swinger – where you have to dodge your way through various nightmares without crashing into anything. You play as various little porcelain figures, each with their own traits, that will shatter on impact with any of the obstacles in your way.

The idea is that once you’ve beaten the nightmare you can help the different characters wake up. With the latest update, there are three new characters to save who are all, understandably, arachnophobes. They are a scared young lad called Ronald Baggins, a fly named Tzetze and the macho luchador El Tarantula. I guess that the last one has the whole ‘to become fear’ thing going on.

Aralob the spider joins the existing roster of nightmares you can face that include a clown, Kraken and Count Dracula himself. We reviewed Rest in Pieces earlier this year and found that the swinging mechanic helped set the game apart from other runners.

Itatake are very open to their community submitting ideas for new nightmares in Rest in Pieces and apparently, spiders were a very common request, hence the arrival of Aralob. They say that new figurines to play as and nightmares to face will be added in the future. Though I personally think they’ve reached peak horror by adding a giant arachnid, I can’t think of anything worse.

Rest in Pieces is available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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