Ria, Createlex's ambitious open-world action RPG, is available to pre-register now on iOS and Android

Createlex’s impressive-looking action RPG Ria can now be pre-ordered ahead of it’s 25th October release date. It’s available to pre-register for both iOS and Android.

Ria first popped up on our radar back in late August. It’s a very impressive looking game to be heading to mobile devices. In it, you play as Ria, the son of God, and adventure around an open-world besting folks with a mighty looking hammer – or other weapons you’ll discover – in an effort to save humanity.

Along the way, you’ll encounter hordes of enemies as well as giant bosses that stand in the way of your mission. As you can see from the trailer below, it appears to be a very accomplished action game, complete with various flourishing attacks alongside more standard swings. Of course, we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on it to know for sure how well it actually plays.


In an attempt to keep things fresh enemies will spawn in different locations each time you wander through different areas. In theory, this will help keep you on your toes and make each area feel different each time, keeping a sense of over-familiarity and repetition at bay for longer. Again though, we’ll have to see how it works in practice, procedural generation has had mixed success in the past.

It’ll also have a levelling system alongside being able to upgrade your weapons and armour too. This will allow you to create your own playstyle to batter the numerous enemies you’ll face to death, as you fight to prevent the Queen of Dark-Soul from being summoned.

Ria can be pre-ordered now on the App Store and Google Play. It’ll be a free-to-play game that according to the App Store listing will cost £5.99.

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