Ria is an ambitious open-world adventure game coming soon to iOS and Android

Ria is an upcoming open-world adventure game which tasks you – Ria, the son of god – with coming down to Earth and pushing back against a swarm of dark creatures that have become a threat to all humanity.

The ‘dark souls’, as they’re known, are intent on summoning their queen, a process which will ultimately send the Earth plummeting into an endless era of darkness. Putting an end to their devilish plans won’t be easy, and your quest will see you travel the width and breadth of the game’s expansive open world.

Along the way, you’ll cut down hordes of enemies and take on some frightfully large bosses. The game uses what the team are calling ‘dynamically-generated’ areas and enemies. What this basically means is that aspects like enemy placements and available quest givers will vary between playthroughs. It sounds like an interesting idea, though – as so many games have now proven – randomly-generated open worlds/levels can be very hit or miss.

It boasts some light RPG mechanics, including an XP system and tons of loot. You’ll also have to collect rare materials from around the world in order to upgrade your weapons and armour, all of which can be specially modified to suit your intended playstyle. There are combat abilities to unlock and master over time, with the multiple fighting styles allowing for plenty of experimentation.

It also seems to put a lot of emphasis on its bosses, which are said to be extremely challenging, with their own special moves that you’ll have to learn to counter. But it does sound like seeking out and defeating the toughest enemies will be worth the effort, as you’ll be rewarded with powerful new weapons.

The game is set to launch for iOS and Android on October 25th. It certainly sounds ambitious, so we’ll be sure to let you know once more details emerge. In the meantime, you can check out developer Createlex’s official site for more info. 

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