Ring Fit Adventures is Suffering Toilet Paper Levels of Shortages

Nintendo’s workout RPG from last year, Ring Fit Adventure, is suffering from shortages, and scalpers are sending prices sky-high.

The combined circumstances of the pandemic and the newly-declared national emergency are causing workplaces, schools, and universities to shutter their doors. With people now having potentially weeks of free time on their hands and an aversion to going anywhere, working out and having fun appears to rather enticing. There’s nothing like going stir crazy to help kick off your new workout routine.

It appears that the Nintendo Switch’s workout RPG, Ring Fit Adventure, might be suffering similar shortages as toilet paper is. Initially reported over at Polygon, this sweat-inducing title seems to be suffering from a shortage everywhere. Best Buy, sold out. GameStop, them too. Even the behemoth that is Amazon is currently sold out. It’s a rather impressive feat, really.

Ring Fit Adventures is Suffering Toilet Paper Levels of Shortages

Realizing this, scalpers are now inflating the prices of new copies of Ring Fit Adventure. Prices for new copies of this sweat-inducing title are reaching the $200 mark one site like eBay and Amazon. For as good as Ring Fit is (and we think it is VERY good), I’m not sure I would say it’s $200 good.

Ring Fit Adventures is Suffering Toilet Paper Levels of Shortages

For the uninitiated, Ring Fit Adventure is a Nintendo Switch title that aimed to combine RPG mechanics with working out. The game rewards players with new attacks, level-ups, and items on their quest to vanquish the big bad, with the nifty side-effect of getting in better shape while you do it! The game came bundled with a big plastic resistance ring that works with the Switch’s Joy-Con, which plays a crucial role in the entire experience.

I picked up a copy when it released back in November and both myself and my fiancee have really enjoyed it. She has on more than one occasion taken my Switch from me so that she could play Ring Fit. We both found it to be a game that helped us push through the imposing wall of the “after work workout.” The mix of fun mini-games, solid RPG mechanics, and silly story succeeded in tricking my brain into thinking I was having fun while working out. It was a Nintendo miracle.

When you stop and think about it, Ring Fit Adventure is perfect for this unfortunate situation so many of us find ourselves in right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s small, you don’t need much space to use it, it keeps you active without worrying about exposing yourself to anyone who may be sick, and it’s fun. When you put it in those terms, it’s not that hard to see that there would be such a spike in demand for it. Toilet paper on the other hand…I’m still trying to figure out. Maybe the people need it to wipe their foreheads with after Ring Fit Adventure? Yea, that must be it.

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