Riot Games Has at Long Last Confirmed That It’s Developing a Fighting Game

The company known for League of Legends will finally be able to earn the “S” in Riot Games.

After literally years of rumors and speculation, Riot Games, the studio behind the ever-popular MOBA League of Legends, today confirmed that it is indeed working on a fighting game.

The news was made true today at EVO 2019 where Tom Cannon, the founder of EVO and current Riot employee, stated as much. “I can confirm that we are working on a fighting game for Riot,” Cannon said, acknowledging past rumors in the process.

Despite being founded all the way back in 2006, this will be the second game that Riot has ever developed alongside that of League of Legends. It also, finally, kills an ongoing meme/joke from fans that Riot Games should instead be referred to as “Riot Game” considering they’ve never worked on multiple titles.

As for just what this fighting game is, Cannon didn’t say. Upon first dwelling on it, you would imagine that this game would take place in the same universe as League of Legends, but that’s not necessarily true. Some who claim to be in the know say that this will instead be a separate IP by Riot, but of course, that’s not confirmed just now. Hopefully, the fact that Cannon was willing to talk about the game’s existence today means that more info could be shared soon.

It might still be quite some time until we end up seeing what this fighting title by Riot will look like, but, hey, at least we now don’t have to second-guess that it exists in the first place.

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