Rocket League Meets Stranger Things in Next Haunted Hallows Event

The Mind Flayer is here to watch some Rocket League football.

As previously reported, Haunted Hallows makes its way back to Rocket League this month, and now we’ve received more precise details surrounding the upcoming seasonal event.

Haunted Hallows this year will be bringing Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things to the game with items themed after popular references to the show. These items require players to earn them by playing matches which will, in turn, reward them with limited-time in-game currency called Candy Corn. Players can then spend the currency to redeem the items available in the event store.

If you’re wondering what Stranger Things items are to be available, developer Psyonix has stated the following:

  • Camp Know Where Topper
  • Demogorgon Player Banner
  • DEMOgorgon Player Title
  • Hawaiian Hopper Decal
  • Scoops Ahoy Avatar Border
  • Starcourt Wheels
  • Stranger Things Boost

In addition to the above items, players will also be able to redeem other Halloween-themed items.

As seen in the video above, players will also be able to play in a modified version of the Farmstead arena. This time, the arena sends players into “The Upside Down”, the parallel dimension where the Mind Flayer resides. The official website says, “enter the Farmstead (The Upside Down) arena for a limited time! Just watch out for the Mind Flayer…”) giving some indication that perhaps there might be some interference in the match. However, the video and source don’t seem to specify anything, so this could just be purely atmospheric.

Players can jump into the Haunted Hallows event on October 14. It will end on November 11 but players will be granted 3 additional days (Until November 14) to spend their Candy Corn. Players can also redeem Golden Pumpkins, a type of loot crate that rewards players with items from the Accelerator, Velocity, and Triumph Crates.

Launching alongside the seasonal event, Rocket League will also receive quality-of-life improvements. This is also the last Halloween-themed seasonal event in which Rocket League‘s loot crates will be active as this December will find loot crates being replaced with Blueprints.

Rocket League is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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