Rod Fergusson Sheds More Light On the Decision To Rid Gears of Any Smoking References

Gears head Rod Fergusson took to Twitter to share some personal insight on the series history of not glorifying smoking.

Just yesterday, we covered a story on Gears 5 getting rid of all references regarding smoking and tobacco. The Coalition Head Rod Fergusson shared some of his own personal feelings on the subject matter and stated that has made an effort to not glorify smoking in Gears 5 and in the Gears of War Universe moving forward. Well, according to his Twitter, he has made such moves in the past as well.

Rod Fergusson took to his personal Twitter to respond to an article covering the subject matter. He states: “I’ve been against smoking from the beginning and have worked hard to not make it a part of our franchise.” He even goes on to say that a character that originally was displayed in concept art smoking a cigarette was changed because of him. “Ever notice that the Dizzy concept art for Gears 2 has a cigarette but the actual character in the game doesn’t? I stopped it.”

While I get why many people seem to be scratching their head about the decision to remove smoking of all things in a series that allows you to curb stop characters head into a fine pulp, I am still all for it. My family has seen the reproductions of smoking. I have seen how it can affect the human body and eventually kill you. So, whenever there is a chance to not glorify tobacco or nicotine, I am all for it.

Gears 5 is set to release in a couple of months on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.


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