Roguelike RPG Void Terrarium Announced on PS4, Switch, Coming This January in Japan

First screenshots and details on the officially spelled void tRrLM(); the new game from htoL#NiQ, A Rose in the Twilight Director Masayuki Furuya.

Nippon Ichi Software announced a new roguelike RPG titled Void Terrarium, coming to PS4 and Switch. Void Terrarium is officially spelled void tRrLM(); and will release on January 23 in Japan, priced at 6407 Yen (tax included).

Void Terrarium takes place in a post-apocalyptic, contaminated by mushrooms world. The only survivor left is a small human girl named Toriko. The player controls a caretaker robot named Caretaker Robot who must protect Toriko and maintain the small environment where she lives, called a “Terrarium”.

Controlling the caretaker robot, you must explore ruins to find items and safe food to keep Toriko alive. You can also find items to decorate the Terrarium with. The Terrarium isn’t necessarily safe though, and there’s one more problem, Toriko was already contaminated and has a mushroom growing out of her right eye. So you’ll need to take care of this and find a way to decontaminate her. Toriko can also get sick if you don’t take care of her well enough, meaning you’ll need to find medicine too.

The dungeons are typical roguelite/Mystery Dungeon-like randomly-generated dungeons. Each time you enter the dungeon, your level is reset to 1, but this also means you can try out different builds.

Void Terrarium‘s themes are depicting the relationship between TOriko and the robot, and depicting a destroyed world where humanity is extinct but highly advanced machines and plants keep functioning.

Void Terrarium is directed by Masayuki Furuya, who also handles the character design. Masayuki Furuya previously directed htoL#NiQ, also known as Hotaru no Nikki, and A Rose in the Twilight. Void Terrarium‘s music is handled by Hajime Sugie, who also worked on these two games.

It’s worth noting a teasing countdown for Void Terrarium started on September 18 and ended with the game’s reveal. Nippon Ichi Software often opens mysterious countdowns ahead of revealing a new game. However, I rarely have the time to cover countdown themselves, and I personally find covering such countdowns pretty boring. Especially when it’s hard to guess what game it’ll be. And you’ll read about said countdowns on other outlets anyway.

Lastly, Nippon Ichi Software had financial problems recently because of Disgaea RPG’s disastrous launch. Even before that though, all their new IPs released recently (Jack the Ripper, Jinrui no Minasame e, Destiny Connect, etc) were all pretty small budget low-risk ventures, so you should probably expect the same for Void Terrarium. It doesn’t necessarily means that it’ll be a bad game though. Destiny Connect is pretty good, for example.

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