Roundguard is a Peggle-like dungeon crawler available now on Apple Arcade

Wonderbelly Games’ Roundguard is this week’s new Apple Arcade game. It’s described as a “bouncy dungeon crawler where pinball physics put your targeting skills to the test”, and it’s out right now.

Basically, it’s a strange mix of Peggle-style pachinko gameplay and RPG elements, adding distinct character classes and skills into the mix. And why not throw some roguelike mechanics and procedurally generated levels in there while we’re at it?

It sounds like a neat mesh of genres and ideas, though I’ve yet to play it myself so can’t quite say whether this particular combo works.

While death is permanent, you’ll still have a chance to bring a helpful trinket into your next run. The power of the trinket is seemingly determined by how well you did on your previous run, or at least the amount of gold you managed to grab along the way.

You’ll have the option to play as a Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue, and each class comes with its own skills to test out. There’s also a colourful cast of NPCs to chat with and take quests from.

It’s ticking plenty of the right boxes, and I can absolutely see it working well on mobile. You’ll find Rounguard available for download now from over on the App Store. With it being an Apple Arcade title, you’ll of course need an active subscription to play.

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