Rune II Will Finally Release on Epic Games Store in November

Three different versions of Human Head Studios’ Rune II will be coming to the Epic Games Store on November 12, 2019.

Over two years after its initial reveal, we will finally be able to play Rune II on the Epic Games store soon. Human Head Studios confirmed that the title will be arriving on November 12, 2019 today and even revealed that a free open beta to test out the game’s Deathmatch modes will be happening later this month. A brand new trailer was also released for the game, so you can watch that below.

The Open Beta testing for Rune II’s deathmatch modes will take place between September 20 and September 22 and players can already install the demo needed to participate on its Epic Games Store page. Three different versions of the full game are also available to pre-order. The standard Rune II – Warrior Pack is only $29.99, though the $39.99 Rune II – God Slayer and $59.99 Rune II – God Slayer editions that include additional items can also be picked up by more dedicated fans.

It is awesome to finally have a release date in mind for Rune II as the game has gone through a lot of interesting changes up until this point. Originally revealed in 2017, Rune II was revealed as Rune: Ragnarok in 2017, got its named changed to just Rune in early 2018, and was even played and enjoyed by DualShockers at E3 2018. Everything seemed set for a promised September 19, 2018 release date on Steam Early Access, but the game was surprisingly delayed just before launch. Human Head Studios finally showed the game off again early this year, having renamed it once more to Rune II and confirming that it would be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

While the road to Rune II’s release has been an odd one, it will finally release for PC via the Epic games Store on November 12, 2019.

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