Rutger Hauer, Star of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Observer, Passes Away at Age 75

Hauer passed away last week on July 19 at his home in the Netherlands.

Rutger Hauer, most notably the star of the classic film Blade Runner, was revealed today to have passed away last week on July 19 at his home in the Netherlands after falling ill. Hauer was 75 years old.

While Hauer was likely most well-known for his work in films such as Blade RunnerBatman Begins, and The Hitcher, he had also recently started doing work on video games in recent years as well. Hauer starred in Bloober Team’s 2017 release Observer, which featured both his likeness and his voice for the game. Hauer played the role of a detective named Daniel Lazarsk within Observer.

Bloober Team released this message following the announcement of Hauer’s death:

Even more recently though, Hauer played the role of the villainous Master Xehanort in this year’s release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Hauer took over this role after Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy, who previously voiced Xehanort in both Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, passed away in 2015. As of this writing, Square Enix has not released any sort of statement regarding the death of Hauer.

Situations like this are always saddening, but it is often comforting to me that actors like Hauer can be survived by their work long after their passing. Even though he’s no longer with us, Hauer will certainly continue to be relevant in the future thanks to the multitude of games, films, and TV shows which he has played a part in over the years.

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