Sayonara Wild Hearts Hitting Switch, PS4 and Apple Arcade on September 19

Annapurna Interactive and Simogo will be launching “pop album video game” Sayonara Wild Hearts next Thursday.

Those looking for a game that just spews positivity may have to catch Sayonara Wild Hearts, which finally has a release date. The rhythm action game from developer Simogo and publisher Annapurna Interactive will arrive on Switch, PS4, and Apple Arcade (as revealed at yesterday’s Apple event) on September 19. For many who’ve tried a demo of the game, the premise reminded them of Sailor Moon, but I saw overlap with a number of different media as well.

Sayonara has characters based on tarot cards, something that I’m too familiar with having a close friend who does readings for people. The game is described as a “pop album video game,” following a heartbroken young woman who enters another world and becomes a masked biker called “the Fool.” The gameplay consists of a number of different gameplay sequences, including riding a note highway and hitting quick-time events, a la Elite Beat Agents.

The bright aesthetics and the lovely tunes bring forth an optimistic tone that is much needed; it recalled some similar feelings that I did playing Tetris Effect last year. And as it’s advertised as an “album” game, I’m making the assumption that the experience will be relatively short. If you ask me, the market is lacking in enough short, bize-sized experiences. I tried a demo for the game myself at PAX East and was instantly enamored with it, while DualShockers’ own Tanner Pierce also had positive words for it after seeing the game at E3 2019.

You can watch the launch trailer for Sayonara Wild Hearts below as you wait for its release next week. I’ll certainly be watching it repeatedly until then.

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