Scary P.T. Secrets Are Still Being Found Years After Delisting

Kojima’s P.T. continues to provide terrifying secrets for intrepid hackers like a Twitter user who found new details about how creepy Lisa actually is.

Hideo Kojima’s horror masterpiece P.T. isn’t available to download anymore, but the game keeps delivering spooky secrets long past its death. A Twitter user has been playing around with the game recently has discovered a few interesting details. Essentially, they have been using some clever camera hacks to let them get an inside look at what Lisa is doing as you move through her hallway. Check it out below.

Basically, no matter what you do, Lisa is constantly hovering behind you. If you’ve played through P.T. you might’ve suspected this. After all, you can often hear noises behind you as if Lisa is creeping behind you. We now can see that she actually is right there, disappearing the instant you turn around. Knowing that Kojima and his team actually put the specter constantly behind you makes it much spookier than if they were just pumping in the sound. In fact, she’s actually permanently attached to your back.

The way Lisa’s head violently shakes as she floats behind you might be the most disturbing part of this whole revelation. It’s a completely unnatural movement that goes a long way in upping the creepiness factor. There is also apparently more to come from these camera hacks. I can’t wait to see what other monstrosities Kojima has hidden in his playable teaser.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to know Kojima’s masterplan for Silent Hills. Konami took P.T. down from PSN in 2015 and canceled the full game. However, we are getting a big dose of Kojima’s madness later this year when Death Stranding releases on PS4.

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