SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Will Include DLC for Gundam X, Turn A, AGE Characters and Units, New Gameplay

G Gene Cross Rays will add Loran, Garrod, and Flint via DLC in December, season pass announced.

Bandai Namco published a new trailer for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. The trailer is around 30 minutes long and features gameplay of all the Gundam series in the game.

As you probably already know, Cross Rays focuses on Gundam Wing, Seed, 00 and IBO, and their spinoffs. It’s a pure fanservice game, and it even includes very minor characters, such as Shiho seen above, one of my favorites characters in Seed.

However, there’s no actual crossover story. Each one of these 4 Gundam series have their stories recreated in the game exactly as they happened in their original anime. You can use any unit you unlocked on any map regardless of the series though.

With that said, Bandai Namco announced that multiple characters and units from other Gundam series will be added via DLC. In December, the game will add new characters and units from Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, and Gundam AGE. New pilot abilities will be added too. A Season Pass was also announced, and they’ll keep adding content each month this way till March 2020 included.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays launches on November 28 on PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch. The Southeast Asia version of the game includes an English translation. It’s also the first time the series comes to PC. There’s a very high chance the Steam English version will be region locked to Southeast Asia Steam though.  This stems from copyright problems and is the same issue happening with the Super Robot Wars games Steam ports.

You can check some gameplay and the opening here.

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