Sea of Thieves Will Have Chain Shot Cannonballs Next Month

Pirates can expect to see the cannonballs destroying their ship.

Sea of Thieves may have just got a new content update that introduced incredibly angry Chests of Rage and some evil Ashen skeletons to battle, but a new video from the developer introduces even more news for the online pirating title from Rare.

One of the key news announcements is the introduction of chain shot cannonballs. These devastating cannonballs can be loaded into the ship’s cannon and fired at the enemy ships masts to rip them down. Due to the power of the chain shot cannonball, Rare has reduced the range of which it can reach. This means it can’t be fired as far as a normal cannonball, so players will need to get closer.

The update will land on March 11 and will allow players to experience the unique sound it makes as it flies overhead.  The update will also introduce a new Tall Tale.

In addition to the news about the upcoming chain shot cannonball, Rare is offering some free cosmetics just for watching Twitch streams. Interested fans can watch any of the Sea of Thieves partnered streamers on Saturday, February 19, and Sunday, February 20, but have to have watched them for at least half an hour to be eligible. The cosmetics are an Obsidian Fishing Rod for tuning in on Saturday, and an Ebon Flintlock Pistol for tuning in on Sunday. You can learn more about who you can watch by going here.

The other day, on February 24, Rare started a Hunter’s Haul event which invites players to get fishing. Players are challenged to catch 180 Ruby Splashtails and hand them over to Hunter’s Call. Players that succeed will be eligible for the Gold Hauler figurehead for their ship. The event ends on March 9.

To add to the news pile, Rare also announced that it’s holding a double XP and gold event starting from February 29 as a way of celebrating the leap year.

Sea of Thieves is available for PC and Xbox One.

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