Second half of Dream Girlfriend’s ‘A Laid-back Country Life with You’ event detailed

The second half of Dream Girlfriend’s latest event, ‘A Laid-Back Country Life with You’, has now been detailed, including info on the limited-edition avatars up for grabs and reward-boosting link bonus clothes.

Dream Girlfriend, if you didn’t know, is a hugely popular dating sim which sees you meeting and customising the anime girl of your dreams. You’ll pick her clothes, hairstyle, and personality to make her unique and special to you.

The second half of the event continues your relaxing summer adventure with your in-game girlfriend, and it’ll run from September 2nd to September 9th. As is the case in most of Dream Girlfriend’s events, you’ll work to earn limited-edition avatars by completing specific event conditions. If you manage to collect enough memory fragments and complete every event stage, you’ll earn yourself another MR avatar to add to your collection.

The gacha period will continue on from the first half of the event. It still uses medals which can be obtained by working your way through the various stages. Those of you who took part in the event’s first half will know that you can earn bonus event points by making use of the gacha’s linked event outfits and items. These provide a boost to your in-game girlfriend’s charm stat. The gacha period will run until September 15th, so be sure to get as much out of it as possible while it’s still going.

Finally, link bonus clothes will be featured in the NP gacha. Fans will already know that these boost the number of medals and event points earned. The link bonus clothes available in the second half of the event actually triple your rewards, which is great.

Those looking for a deep dating sim need look no further than Dream Girlfriend. You’ll find it available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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