Sega Shiro, Son of Segata Sanshiro, Revealed by Sega

Sega published a making of video explaining Sega Shiro, their 60th anniversary ambassador played by Maito Fujioka, the son of Hiroshi Fujioka.

On March 25, Sega revealed its new ambassador, a super cool-looking guy called Sega Shiro. He’s the son of Segata Sanshiro. Moreover, Sega Shiro’s actor is Maito Fujioka, the eldest son of Segata Sanshiro’s actor Hiroshi Fujioka. This is really cool for anyone who has a Saturn and who loves Sega out there.

Sega Shiro was revealed via a countdown page cunningly teased by Sega. For now, a typically Japanese commercial featuring Sega Shiro was published, along with a making-of video.

In summary, the commercial features Sega Shiro in a hammy way answering “It’s gonna be Sega!”, when teenagers wonder what the next big thing will be.

Sega Shiro will be Sega’s ambassador for its 60th anniversary to boost the company’s representation. Sega is the company handling the Hatsune Miku IP when it comes to console and especially arcade games, so I believe the company is pretty well-known among Japanese teenagers. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if most teenagers in Japan right now don’t even know how Sega used to make consoles. With Sega Shiro and his dedicated page, Sega aims to vulgarize their 60 years long history and make it more known among youngsters. Along with encouraging them for the future. The name Sega Shiro/ せが四郎 is a pun with Sega Shirou / セガ知ろう which means “Know Sega” in Japanese.

Maito Fujioka was born on December 28, 2003. While only 16 years old, he started showbiz activity as a Talent in September 2019. He already appeared multiple times in magazines and popular Japanese TV shows such as Tetsuko’s Room and Dancing Sanma Palace.

In the making of video, Maito Fujioka mentions that it was his very first time acting. However, he adds that his father has been coaching him for a month before the commercial’s shooting. He felt a lot of pressure when he was offered the role, but he’s also incredibly honored about it. He hopes to get closer to his father and will do his best as Sega’s new ambassador.

I’m personally really eager to see what Sega has in store for their 60th anniversary. Sakura Wars is finally back so anything’s possible now.

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