Session Skate-Like Controls Update is Live

Session, a skateboarding sim by Montreal studio Crea-ture had a new update go live today, introducing a skate-like control scheme.

Today, Crea-true Studios’ update for their Skate spiritual-successor Session went live, introducing many new changes. Highlighting the list of new changes is the addition of the new Legacy inputs; AKA Skate-like controls. The update note states; “Now you can play Session in a more familiar manner using the left stick to navigate and the right sticks for tricks and grinds.” However, a new control scheme is far from everything available in Session’s new update.

The update also brings graphical updates to the crea-ture park, new grinds and slide animations, and new changes to the trick system. The developers have also added new tunes for players to skate to; “There’s a new Radio Station in collab with Chillhop Music. Chillhop Music is the leading label/curator for lo-fi and chill’ instrumental hip hop music which Generated over 1.2 billion streams in 2019. There are now 22 Lo-Fi tunes to sit back and skate to.”

Aside from even more new features the patch also comes with bug fixes. The developers also share an important message for players who’ve modded the game on Steam saying, “To anyone who modded pre- patch. You’ll most likely get FATAL ERROR when launching the new update. The key is to unpatch the EZPZ patch, just like we did for patch If that still fails, Backup/Delete the game files and install fresh.” For further information on the new patch check out the Steam Community posting for it.

While this update will surely satisfy many Session fans today, Crea-ture is looking to expand to a new audience on Xbox One. The Montreal studio announced that they’ve teamed up with studio iLLOGIKA for the previously announced Xbox version, and plan on releasing the game this Spring. Additionally, the exact quote says, “This will help get the game on your consoles this spring!” Although it’s a small detail, by saying “consoles” instead of specifying the Xbox One, they might be hinting at Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the game.

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