Shenmue 3’s Latest Screenshot Shows Off Lan Di

Check out a high-resolution image of Lan Di from the upcoming Shenmue 3.

Shanmue 3 is finally slated to release later this summer and while we still haven’t seen a lot of the game, today, we’ve at least received a new screenshot.

While there’s only one new image, it shows off the villainous Lan Di, who looks pretty terrifying in today’s modern visuals. Lan Di was shown off in Shenmue 3’s Gamescom trailer last year, but this new still is the first clear look we’ve been able to see of his character model.

Even though this is all of the news we’ve received on Shanmue 3, Cedric Biscay, the one who released today’s picture of Lan Di, says that more info on the game will be arriving soon. Biscay says that there is “so much more to come” early next month during Magic Monaco, a convention that is slated to take place on March 9.

Of course, if anything major about Shenmue 3 does make an appearance at this show, we’ll be sure to report on it. Personally, I’m hoping we can finally see some live gameplay footage of Shenmue 3 in action. Until then, you can find Biscay’s original tweet showing off Lan Di attached below.

Shenmue 3 is slated to release later this year on August 27, 2019, and will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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