Shenmue 3’s Spirit of the Land Trailer is Ripe with Atmosphere

Shenmue 3 for PS4 and the Epic Games Store received a new trailer focused on the game’s environments during Tokyo Game Show 2019.

We are just over two months away from the release of the highly anticipated Shenmue 3 for PC and PS4. As such, Ys Net and Deep Silver are starting to pull back the curtain more on what players will be experiencing when they try the game. Today, during Tokyo Game Show, a new trailer titled Spirit of the Land was released and it covers many of the environments that Ryo will venture through in Shenmue 3.

Personally, I have been unimpressed with a lot of what we’ve seen of the game so far, mainly due to some weird facial animations, voice acting, and movement animations, but this trailer makes it clear that at least the environments should capture the essence of Shenmue that made fans want the series to come back in the first place. The trailer showcases quaint little villages and bustling cities and marketplaces during both day and night, so the Spirit of the Land trailer should give players a good look at a lot of the most notable places that Shenmue 3 will take place in.

You can check out the full trailer below. Shenmue 3 will finally release for PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store on November 19. You can currently pre-order the game on Amazon.

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