Shenmue III Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Here are the extra items you’ll be able to net for yourself if you pre-order Shenmue III.

Ahead of its launch this November, Deep Silver has announced what those who pre-0rder Shenmue III will be receiving upon release.

All of the extra goodies that Shenmue III players will receive for pre-ordering the game will come in the form of in-game items. At a baseline level, anyone who pre-orders Shenmue III at participating stores will receive four items. They indlue the following:

Snake Power: Three bottles of ‘Snake Power’ elixir to replenish energy during battle

Playing Tokens: 5,000 playing tokens for the in-game gambling area

“Blazing Kick” Advanced Training Scroll: Unlocks the advanced ability of the “Blazing Kick” to better challenge Ryo’s foes

Toy Capsule: Set of 24 tickets to exchange for in-game capsule toys

While this will be what everyone who pre-orders Shenmue III will get, there will (unfortunately) be retail-specific items as well. If you pre-order the game on Amazon, you’ll be able to net a Kenpogi Training Wear outfit. If you pre-order through GameStop, you’ll get a set of Dragon/Phoenix Mirror Medallions. And, perhaps the best of all, if you get your copy of the game at Best Buy, you’ll be able to net yourself a physical steelbook case for Shenmue III.

So if you were planning on pre-ordering Shenmue III in the first place, now you just need to decide which store you’d like to pre-order through if you’re at all interested in acquiring these bonus goods. And as you might expect, pre-orders are available now at all of these retailers.

Shenmue III will finally arrive later this year on November 19 for PS4 and PC.

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