Shinsekai Into the Depths Trademarked by Capcom in Japan, Europe

Capcom will probably reveal its new IP Shinsekai Into the Depths at Gamescom in August or at Tokyo Game Show in September.

Capcom filed a trademark for Shinsekai Into the Depths in Europe and 深世海 Into the Depths in japan. The trademark was filed on July 24 and made public today, on August 6.

It’s highly likely Shinsekai Into the Depths is a new game IP that Capcom will be revealing very soon. The fact that the name was trademarked in Europe, with English and German as the specified languages, seems to indicate a reveal by Capcom at Gamescom 2019, held in Germany from August 20 to August 24. Another possibility would be Tokyo Game Show 2019, from September 12 to 15.

The Japanese kanji in the name of the trademark, 深世海, is read as “Shinsekai”. However, “Shinsekai” is usually written with these kanji: 新世界, meaning “a new world”. The way Capcom wrote it uses the kanji for “deep” and the kanji for “sea”, so it can be translated as the “the world of the deep sea”. This correlates with the “Into the Depths” part of the title.

Taking this into account, it’s highly likely Shinsekai Into the Depths will be a game whose theme is related to the ocean’s depths. Anyway, It’s one of the billions of different wordplay you can invent yourself with kanji. We’ll tell you more about Shinsekai Into the Depths as soon as possible.

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