Showtime’s Halo TV Series Has Found a New Director in Otto Bathurst

A new director and a shorter episode count are the latest pieces of news on the upcoming live-action series based on Halo.

Back in December, it was revealed that Rupert Wyatt, the director and executive producer of the forthcoming Halo TV series on Showtime, had left the project. Luckily, it seems as though the show has now found Wyatt’s replacement.

Reported by Deadline, Otto Bathurst will now serve as the new director and executive producer on the Halo TV show. Bathurst has experience in both TV and film and has previously worked on Black Mirror along with directing 2018’s Robin Hood. Bathurst will reportedly also be the helm on a number of episodes of the show.

In addition to the arrival of Bathurst, the number of episodes now said to be included in the series have also changed. Previously said to be a 10 episode run, Halo will reportedly now come in at 9 episodes instead. This decision was said to be reached after the show’s writers mapped out the story a bit more.

As for when actual production is set to get rolling on this long-awaited program, it should be later this year. The departure of Wyatt mixed with the search that landed Bathurst set things back a bit, but as of now, production should still begin by late 2019. When last reported in December, Halo was still in the early casting stages.

It feels like we’ve been talking about this Halo TV series forever now and while I have my doubts of how it will turn out, I do remain cautiously optimistic to see the end result. I feel like it shouldn’t be hard to adapt Halo to the small screen, but seeing how so many other video game adaptations have turned out in the past, I remain hesitant.

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