Siberia-set Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will try to lure you back to the series in November

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 22nd November.

This is the back-to-basics return for the series first announced last summer, which will ditch the previous, failed attempt at becoming an open-world experience.

That experiment came in the form of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which developer CI Games itself admitted had been “too ambitious”. Eurogamer’s sniper fan Ian Higton had quite a lot to say about all that – specifically its five minute load times, the lack of its planned multiplayer, and technical hitches.

Contracts will instead offer five discrete maps based on real-life locations in Siberia – one of which is shown in the new trailer above.

New to the game will be scout drones, binoculars with built-in recon tech, special bullet types and an “Augmented Reality mask” to play around with. There’s mention of a single-player campaign and also multiplayer options – fingers crossed CI Games has learned from its mistakes.

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