Skyrim Fan Creates Scented Candles to Replicate Different Smells Found Within the Game

Take your Skyrim adventures to new heights with the ultimate immersive experience in the form of scented candles which captures the smells from around the realm.

So, you’re sitting playing some Skyrim as you’ve done hundreds of times before. You probably even have your favorite Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim cup beside you or maybe you’ve cooked yourself a tasty gaming snack from The Elder Scrolls-inspired cookbook. But there’s just something missing – you can’t seem to get yourself fully immersed no matter how hard you try. Enter ChandoraCandles who vows to enhance your Skyrim experience with their next level scented adventure for the senses.

ChandoraCandles on Etsy has crafted some unique scents that are encapsulated into candles which harbors the smells you would expect to find on your travels in Skyrim. If you have ever wondered what the dungeons, caves, or the inside of the many buildings and homes you come across really smelt like, well you can now take your scenes with you and immerse yourself fully into the complex and beautiful world of Skyrim as you explore by simply lighting the appropriate candle for the location you find yourself in and then when you travel or cross hold borders, blow out the previous one and light the new one.

Skyrim Fan Creates Scented Candles to Replicate Different Smells Found Within the Game

At the start of the year, Feelreal VR headset made an appearance by using a “reliable scent generator” which houses a replaceable cartridge containing nine capsules filled with aromas in which you could choose and combine from 255 scents from the Feelreal store. Personally speaking, lighting candles seems to be a far easier method, not to mention more comfortable and relaxing than having to stick on a giant headset.

If the sound of some relaxing Skyrim immersive scent candles is right down your alley, you can visit the ChandoraCandles store on Etsy where you can purchase the complete collection for the Ultimate Immersive Skyrim Experience or select which ones take your fancy.

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