Sonic Fox And DeKillSage Now Sponsored by Evil Geniuses

Sonic Fox and DeKillSage have their first new sponsors after leaving Echo Fox in 2019

If you’re an E-sports competitor, only two things are true after you win a tournament. First, you’re getting some prize money. But second, and most importantly, sponsors are going to be sending you offers. Evil Geniuses must have seen Sonic Fox at Final Kombat, because they’ve just picked them up. Evil Geniuses has also extended an offer to DeKillSage, one of the top, consistent players in Skullgirls, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Announced through a (pretty hype) video on its Twitter account, EG is the new home for two of the world’s top DBFZ players. The pair ended up unsponsored after leaving their former team, Echo Fox in 2019. For SonicFox, Echo Fox was a gateway to the top echelons of the E-sports world. In their time with the company, SonicFox won the tournaments that earned them the fame and notoriety they have today.

Evil Geniuses’ choice to pick up the pair comes as a no-brainer. Each player was unsponsored in their last tournaments, with Sonic Fox winning Final Kombat 2020, the premier Mortal Kombat tournament. DeKillSage has often been one of Sonic Fox’s closest partners in the fighting games community, although the pair have faced off before. In fact, if you’re a serious DBFZ fan, you may recall the pair’s pools set in the DBFZ World Tour Finals, a tight match that displayed both player’s capabilities.

Even with their new sponsorship, it’s hard to say where fans will be able to see SonicFox and DeKillSage next. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has canceled most E-sports events coming up over the next few months. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Be sure though, when these two competitors come back, they’ll have more to fight for than some prize money or a victory. Both now have the added pressure of performing well for their sponsor.

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