Sony’s New Patent Is For An AI That Sells You Microtransactions

Could salesmen AI be coming to the PS5? A new patent from Sony involving AI to help players progress in games might suggest that.

We all find ourselves stuck in games sometimes, I’ll be the first to admit that. I have looked up wikis and walkthroughs for most games that I play, especially if I want a certain outcome. So what if, instead of using YouTube or a wiki, you could ask your console how to beat a boss or solve a puzzle? Sony has an answer for that, but it’s going to sell you some microtransactions, too.

According to its latest patent, Sony is developing an AI that, in essence, will help you get unstuck if you’ve hit a rough part of your game. Of course, the official description is much more convoluted, but it does give some useful examples of when this tech would be used. For instance, when a player asks “how do I beat this boss,” the AI would look through data collected from other players. This data would include other players’ character builds and whatever items or skills they used to win. The AI would then show the player whatever this item is, and assumedly the quickest way to get it. This can lead to microtransactions being the best way to beat a boss, although that’s not always the case. In some cases, the resources pointed out to a player are simply acquired in-game, without spending any real-world money. Others, however, could be easily obtained through microtransactions, and the AI will point the player in that direction.

This premise is eerily similar to Google Stadia’s built-in AI-helper, although it seems a bit more fleshed out. That being said, this is just a patent document with no actual technology for us to see. We’re going to have to wait if Sony actually brings this tech to us, possibly with the PlayStation 5. There’s not much info out on the PS5 yet, but its site was recently launched: you can read about that here.

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