Space Traitors is a hidden traitor game that makes use of your Android phone and PC

Space Traitors is a hidden traitor game from Australian developers Updog Games. Your actions are chosen on your phone – so you can make those decisions in secret – and you and the other players will then watch the events unfold on a shared PC. The game is available for PC and Android now on their Gamejolt page through an APK but will be coming to Google Play soon as well.

The game plays out as a digital board game. 2-4 players will take on the role as the remnants of a robot crew on the SS Updog spaceship. Your aim is initially to make your way through various rooms, solving tabletop style RPG challenges on the way, to gather parts to repair the broken escape pods.

However, you’ll also have the ships AI to contend with, which has become corrupt since humans abandoned the ship. It’s now focused on finding a new best friend and may attempt to turn you against your friends so you can hang out together, forever. It grows in power as the game progresses until it’s strong enough to force you to become a traitor, where it will then task you with eliminating your pals to be the last surviving robot.

Of course, that’s the brilliance of having the phones act as controllers for this game. If you become the traitor, then your friends aren’t going to have a clue as the AI will send you information there, allowing you to plot your betrayal in secret. Hopefully, there’ll be options for working out who the traitor might be too because that would add a cool social deduction dimension to the game.

Space Traitors will be heading to Google Play soon. In the meantime, you can grab the PC install for the game as well as an APK for your phone on their Gamejolt page.

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