Stadia Connect Returns Ahead of Gamescom

Here’s when the next info dump of Google Stadia is planned to happen.

Stadia Connect, Google’s iteration of the Nintendo Direct-style video presentation that features upcoming news about Stadia, will be returning in just a few short weeks.

Announced on Twitter today, the next installment of Stadia Connect is set to take place on August 19 at 10am PST/1pm EST. This will be transpiring only a day before Gamescom 2019 is set to kick off. Considering the first Stadia Connect stream occurred earlier this summer prior to E3, it makes sense that the next installment would happen ahead of Gamescom.

As for what Google will have to say during this episode, well, we still don’t really know. Google provided no potential teases on just what will be talking about during this Stadia Connect stream. The only promise was that if you are going to be present at Gamescom this month, you’ll be able to try out Stadia for yourself at the show.

There’s still a fair amount of information we have to learn about Stadia ahead of its launch in November, so expect to hear more final details during this stream. Personally, I’m hoping we hear more about some of the company’s first-party titles that it might have cooking up. Even though this may be a bit preemptive, that’s honestly what I’m most interested to see from Stadia at the moment.

As for Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming convention will take place from August 20-24.

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