Star Wars Battlefront II to Add Classic “Instant Action” Mode, Republic Commandos

EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II is still due for plenty of content in 2019, including a return of the classic Instant Action mode.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for completely forgetting about Star Wars Battlefront II, but EA and DICE may have compelling reasons to bring people back to it this year. The shooter will soon mark two full years of content, with a roadmap for the rest of 2019 outlining some interesting tidbits. Fans of the classic Battlefront games will undoubtedly be familiar with Instant Action, which will be returning to the franchise in September.

It’s a fairly simple single-player mode—players can freely choose from a selection of maps and jump into classic Battlefront gameplay that has them capture command posts, just like the old days (or as the Clone Troopers reminded us back then, just like the simulations). It will have full bot support, with maps including the Capital Supremacy maps of Naboo, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Geonosis, and the new map of Felucia.

Speaking of Felucia, the planet from Revenge of the Sith will be featured, with the Confederacy having to take down the REpublic and their transport ships. As described in EA’s blog post:

This map takes place as the Separatists’ invasion of Felucia is nearing its end. With only a single, powerful vehicle left to cover the evacuation of a Felucian farming community, the clones struggle to maintain their last line of defense long enough for Republic transports to collect a large cache of valuable medicinal plants from the village. But as the droids advance towards the clones’ position, the squad opts to go on the offensive and destroy the dreadnought responsible for the attack. However, the droids have a plan of their own: Ensure the Republic can’t escape with the plants by bringing down their Venator.

Another new game mode is coming in September in the form of Co-Op, a PvE mode for squads of up to four players. Meanwhile, Capital Supremacy will have some changes, including the ability to spawn on any Command Post (as you could in the classic games). And if that wasn’t nostalgic enough for you, DICE also announced that the Clone Commando is coming to the game, in case Republic Commando was your thing back in the day.

Eventually, Star Wars Battlefront II will have a season based on The Rise of Skywalker, the next Skywalker Saga film due for release in December of this year. This will follow the game’s previous seasons based on The Last Jedi and Solo. Unsurprisingly, EA revealed no information about what content is due for that season, given the film’s secretive nature; if you remember, not even the developers of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga were aware of what was in the movie, as of my interview with them in E3 2019.

Check out a tweet with a video showcasing the Commando Clone Trooper below, and look out for more free updates for Star Wars Battlefront II in September and December. Or just play the old one, maybe.

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