Starlost, the bullet hell shooter and RPG hybrid, is available now for iOS

Starlost is a bullet hell shooter from Hoodwinked Studios that also looks to combine elements of RPGs and Tower defence into its gameplay. It was previously released for Android where it’s been pretty well received with over 100,000 downloads. So now its arrived for iOS as well.

As mentioned, Starlost aims to be a hybrid of multiple genres. It’s played from a top-down perspective and you’ll look to blast your way through the story, endless and challenge modes. It plays out in that classic shmup fashion with a plethora of bullets on screen for you to dodge, whilst firing back with your own barrage of them.

Hoodwinked Studios clearly wanted there to be a little more to the game than that, however. There’s also a research RPG aspect to Starlost as well. You’ll be able to build over 24 different types of weapon as well as research 20 special abilities to help deal with the waves of enemies that oppose you.

This can range from normal lasers guns to arcing electric weapons to unleashing devastating shock waves. You’ll also be able to expand your fleet as well and have smaller ships accompany you into battle, allowing to concentrate more fire on each target.

There are also over 40 upgrades you can make to your ship to, which is presented to the player as a skill tree. This will allow you to build your ship to suit your preferred playstyle. This might be something as seemingly simple as installing a radar so you have a greater knowledge of your enemies’ whereabouts or something more interesting such as a short-range teleport for dodging an oncoming bombardment in a pinch.

Starlost is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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