Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Second Trailer Reveals New Characters Jennifer and Brandon

Profiles for Jennifer and Brandon, the new bachelorette and bachelor of the Friends of Mineral Town Switch remake.

Marvelous published a new full-length trailer for Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town. The trailer starts by introducing the game’s farming system. It then introduces Friends of Mineral Town‘s characters, who are all coming back from the original GBA game.

Jennifer and Brandon were also revealed as the new bachelorette and bachelor included in this Friends of Mineral Town remake. They were both teased when the remake was first announced.

Jennifer is a city girl who loves nature, so she left the city and started traveling. She ended up wandering in Mineral Town.  Jennifer lives in a tent in the mountains. She’s a very positive person, who does things at her own pace.

Brandon freeloads in Gotz’s cottage in the outskirts of Mineral Town. He’s an artist and is considered a genius. Brandon only thinks about his art, paying no attention to anything else. He’s a silent person who barely associates with others, but he’s not a bad guy.

I’m personally already liking them both, especially the 90s American drama names Marvelous picked for them. I don’t think I’ll grab this FoMT remake at Japanese release though, as there are already tons of Japanese games coming out at the end of this year.

You can check our previous coverage and the game’s first trailer here.

Switch exclusive Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town launches in Japan on October 17. XSeed has announced the game in the west, but it has no release date estimate for now. In related news, Rune Factory 4 Special is now out in Japan on Switch, and Rune Factory 5 got its first teaser trailer revealed. You can learn more about by checking out our explanation of the Rune Factory franchise. 

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