Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Getting E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison as New Fighters During EVO

While it seemed like an announcement meant for EVO, the Steam page for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition revealed 3 new characters on the way.

While it first released back in 2016, Street Fighter V has continued to be a major part of the competitive fighting game scene, and is once again set to take the stage at the upcoming EVO 2019 this weekend. Given the anticipation around the event itself, it seems that a surprise for Street Fighter fans meant for the tournament has been revealed a little earlier.

The reveal of three new characters–E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison–was confirmed by the Steam page for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, detailing that all three characters will be arriving in the game on August 4, 2019 during EVO 2019. Presumably, the characters were going to be announced and released in the midst of the fighting game tournament this weekend, but it appears that the Steam page let the cat out of the bag a bit early.

In a video that was briefly on the Steam page (but which is now currently down), the announcement detailed that E. Honda, Poison, and Final Fight‘s Lucia will all be joining the roster of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with several different costumes in store.

E. Honda, a longtime Street Fighter veteran, has been heavily requested since the release of Street Fighter V in 2016, and now it appears that fans are finally getting their wish for the sumo wrestler to join the roster. Likewise, Poison is a returning fan favorite for the series, and Lucia (a face that will surely be familiar to longtime fighting game fans) will be getting her Street Fighter debut when the new DLC pack hits.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available on PS4, PC, and in arcades now.

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