Streets of Rogue 2 Now In Development, Version 88 Update Incoming

Streets of Rogue 2 has been announced by indie developer Matt Dabrowski to be in early development. A new update, Version 88, will release soon.

Streets of Rogue, a rogue-lite that takes place in a procedurally generated city filled with AI citizens, has been in development for six years in total and fully playable for two of those years. Matt Dabrowski, the creator of the title, now wants to take his surprise hit into “big new directions” and has revealed that Streets of Rogue 2 is currently in development.

He wants the freedom to add new features to the game that are impactful, but won’t break the existing game or fundamentally change the gameplay. Unfortunately attempting to channel these desires in the current Streets of Rogue. Dabrowski has one major hope for the sequel, which is “that the stability of my existing work will allow me to focus on expanding the structure of the game world (…open world?) and adding a bunch of fun new systems (…vehicles?) while spending less time on bug fixes.”

However, at this point Streets of Rogue 2 is still in the early planning phase. According to Dabrowski: “I don’t have a timeline for any of this. My next steps are basically ‘experiment with new tech and toy around with new systems.’ It’ll be awhile before I have anything solid to show. I just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m up to. Frankly, I don’t even have much of a design doc at this point, just a general idea of where I want to go.” He then asks for the community to volunteer any suggestions.

In the same Steam community post, he also reveals that a new update, titled Version 88, will be coming soon for PC. He then apologies for the console versions being too far behind PC version in updates. The reason cited is that him and his publisher are having some “at-times unusual certification issues that have caused major hold-ups.”

The original Streets of Rogue released for PC after being in Steam’s Early Access program, and was then ported to consoles after years of continuous development and early access.

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