Super Bernie World is a Mario Bros. Clone that Features Bernie Sanders

Super Bernie World places you in control of Senator Bernie Sanders as you look to take over the presidency from Donald Trump.

Every presidential election year in the United States, it seems that we end up getting a variety of goofy video games that are based on some of the candidates running for President. So far this year, we’ve already seen a fighting game pop up on Steam centered entirely around former candidate Andrew Yang. Now, a new platformer featuring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has come about and it’s based on one of the most popular video games of all time.

Super Bernie World is, as you can probably tell, a clone of Super Mario Bros. that features Sanders rather than that of an Italian plumber. Created in an 8-bit style that would resemble what you’d find on the NES, Super Bernie World features the same sort of power-ups and enemy types that you would find in the original Mario Bros. game. Of course, there have been some alterations, such as having the current POTUS, Donald Trump, serving as the game’s final boss in the place of Bowser.

Here’s the official description of Super Bernie World from its press release:

Take on MAGAmbas, Mitch Troopas, ICE Bullets and Tiki Torchers with the power of positive change. Campaign through 12 states and go up against two notable senators, a congressman and the president of the United States himself. With power-ups like Vermont cheddar cheese to embiggen him, red roses for tossing and the symbolic “Not Me, Us” raised fist firing him up with invincibility, Bernie will help achieve the dreams of millions of 8-bit Americans.

As you can likely tell, the whole game was created to support Sanders’ ongoing campaign for the U.S. presidency. The main menu of Super Bernie World also features information about how to support Sanders’ campaign while each cutscene in the game is said to share information about his platform. While the actual gameplay portions of politically-charged titles like this seem to never be all that enjoyable, it’s always interesting to see what types of games people come up with to support their own preferred candidate.

You can check out the trailer for Super Bernie World down below if you’re interested. If you end up deciding that you want to play it, you can download it on Steam for free right now. Conversely, if you want to play the game natively on your browser, you can do so over on

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